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Small Interior Investments

So we have talked about changing appearances of landscaping and and of exterior eye sores such as the fiber cement siding to a degree that fixes any problems and may gain you more monthly rent but does not raise your yearly taxes. Lets look a few small changes that can be done to the inside to really entice a potential renter to rent from you as apposed to another home they may have looked at previously.

Storage! Storage is a vital key point when someone is home shopping. This doesn’t necessarily mean a large storage unit or shed needs to be built on site and provided as part of the renters monthly payment. The kind of storage I am mainly referring to is closet space. Closet space can be a huge deciding factor on whether a family rents a place or moves on to the next rental. If your property obviously is lacking in the closet department, one small investment that may pay off big, is having a contractor install some kind of closet systems that will utilize every inch of the closets space. When a renter sees there is room for there wardrobe even if the closet is small, chances are they will take it regardless of the actual size of the closet.

Another point I wanted to touch on is the window and door treatments. For under 8 dollars per window you can supply your rental property with blinds and shades that not only make the inside of the rental look completed, but give an instant feeling of privacy. I have seen many times where potential renters will look at the windows and doors and think, well there is 100.00 dollars we are gonna have to spend right off the bat just to have some privacy when we move in. That 100.00 dollars could sway a potential renter out a 6 month or year lease. Remember to include the blinds and shades on the lease agreement, so that if they are damaged, you can take the funds out of their security deposit to pay for them.

These are only tips, and are not a must do when renting property. These small inexpensive interior investments will go along way to helping you find a renter fast.

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