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Schooling Required for Rental Investing

Many people ask what kind of schooling I have invested my time in for learning the ins and outs of rental property investing. To be honest, I have no schooling based entirely on the sole purpose of learning how to buy and rent property. I have friends and family members who also make a living with rental properties who have never set foot in a school, other than grade school of course.

A lot of what you learn or know about investment property can be found through simple research, asking others who do it, and common sense. Don’t get me wrong, as I have spent my fair share of time in school, I just never thought that after spending several years in school I wouldnt being using a degree to make my living.

I have spent several years in a couple of different schools. I attending a local Junior college where I grew up to get my basics out of the way, then I decided to look into trade schools to learn about auto mechanics and welding since those are my other passions. The technical programs offered at most trade schools and community colleges are great because they are straight to the point and there is little to no wasted time. They know why your there, you know why you are there, you get in and learn what you need to know to get the job you want. You would be surprised at how much money you can make attending a 2 year college. The average technician salary is actually quite high and the demand for qualified people to work is always gonna be high.

Back to the subject of learning the basics of rental property investing, it truly all came little by little. I started with one house, lived in it for a while and found a new home I liked better. I moved out and instead of selling my place, I put it up for rent and just kind of went from there. Just like with anything, you gotta get your feet wet to learn how to swim. Its not always the best advice to jump in all at once. Take your time, and read, read, read. Learn from examples of others who have already done what you are thinking about trying. The reward is great if you treat the task at hand like a legitimate job and really put your heart into it.

Im sure there are books or ebooks online you can download that claim they will tell you everything you need to know, and they might. It may be worth spending a little money to feel a little better about the choices you will make in the future. There is always risk with any investing, so be smart about what choices you make. No matter who may be helping you decide on what property to buy, remember that ultimately the money you are investing is yours, therefore it is your decision on whether or not you invest in the end.

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