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Choosing Drywall for Areas of your Rental Property

Remodeling your houses requires analysis in choosing the construction materials. These could dictate the durability and the looks of your home. People nowadays are torn between drywall and plaster for finishing walls for their homes. Both have their own unique qualities that are distinct to one another. Many contractors prefer the use of drywalls since it easier to install compared to plasters. Installing standard drywalls could also produce a lot of dust from sanding and finishing it. It is mostly composed of sheetrock or gypsum sheets that is nailed or screwed. Level 5 drywalls includes a skim coat finish that is comparable to a plaster but the durability is not as good as plasters. A plaster on the other hand is simply applied on a blue board that covers the entire wall surface. It could be applied multiple times to effectively cover the surface. Here is a brief comparison between drywall and plasters in terms of these factors.

Hardness and durability
Plaster has the edge over drywalls. If a drywall gets wet then that’s a big problem. Plasters could handle moisture or wetness. Plaster is more fire resistant compared to drywalls.

You could choose from a wide range of texture and style from drywalls. Plaster texture are more constraint compared to drywalls where you could choose from a variety of texture design.

The cost for installing a plaster wall is higher compared to dry walls thus most people choose drywall because of its affordability.

Time needed for installation
Installing a dry wall could only take a week, depending on the size and skills of the contractor. Plaster on the other hand requires a lot more time and you need to hire a good plaster craftsman since this trade is unique. If you want, the best results then its better to hire an experience plaster craftsman.

It all depends on your decision on whether you choose a drywall or a plaster wall to refurbish your homes. No matter what you choose, it is recommended that you do a thorough research on the product and the skill of the contractor that is going to do job may it be a drywall or plaster. It would depend on their expertise and skills on how the wall would end up. This could allow you to evaluate and see the best results for your homes. It could also help you save time and money from additional expenses.

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