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Central Air or Individual Units?

rental unitCentral air or individual heating and cooling units. I get asked this question more than any other question when it comes to rental property tips. I have to say that I am split 50-50 on the idea of going one way or the other. A lot of my decisions are based on the size of the home, the location of the home and the type of renters that I expect to live in a home that I’m renting.

On my smaller units that I have, most of the time I go with individual window air conditioner units. The reason I like going with individual units is because of price. I can usually equipped a rental property with an air-conditioning unit in each room of the house, and my smaller rental units usually consist of one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and the living room. At most, I will provide up to three window units, and if the renter would like to add their own units they are more than welcome to do so.

Overall the price to replace three or 410 units over a central unit is extremely cheaper and physically easier. I don’t have to hire an air-conditioning crew to come in and replace the window units, I simply do that myself. It is important to stay current with real estate businesses like Cole Capital on twitter, to really grasp the concept of what renters want and what owners are doing to improve there property values.

If the house I’m renting is upscale, or the surrounding homes in the neighborhood are all central unit air conditioners, then I will follow suit and make sure that my rental property uses a central air-conditioning unit as well. The best part about a central air-conditioning unit is that it also provides heat as well is the ability to cool the house.

When using window units, I also tend to provide some kind of elite as well. In the past I have just left small individual electric room heaters in each closet, that the renter can use a thorough discretion. In recent times however, I have found myself using an electric baseboard heater. I feel more safe with a heater that’s attached to the wall, as opposed to just a small heating unit that the renter can move around wherever they want. The risk of fire and damage to the home is significantly less with a heater that is built in or attached to a wall.

Electric baseboard heaters are fairly inexpensive, ranging under $200 each while doing a great job of efficiently leading homes. So as to whether or not you should use central air or individual units in your rental properties is really up to you and your budget. Using common sense you will quickly find and which places it is better to use individual units and in which cases it’s better to go with a complete central air-conditioning unit.

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