Countertop Paint Kits 2017 | Top Rated Kits This Year

Countertop Paint Kits

Countertop paint kits are paint kits that are specifically designed for the sole purpose of refurnishing counters, cabinets and furniture. They can be purchased at almost any department store, especially those with leading names such as Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart. High-quality brands of paint kits such as Rust-Oleum, Giani Granite, and Beyond Paint will usually consist of the following:

  • Instructions
  • Brushes
  • Rolling Arms with Pads
  • Topcoating
  • Practice Boards
  • Paint Sponges
  • Primer-base coating
  • Purpose

Countertop paint kits are usually used to hide burns, scratches and stains. Once applied, the coating will restore the surface's color and renew it's appearance as well as prevent mold and mildew. They are most commonly used as an economic alternative to replacing entire countertops. Countertop paint kits are simple, quick and can be used to refurnish all of the following surfaces:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Laminate
  • Formica
  • Granite
  • Butcher Block
  • Marble
  • Corian

Choosing the right kit for your counter

A good quality countertop paint kit should fit the following standards:

  • Easy to Apply
  • Cover a minimum of 25 square feet
  • Chemically durable
  • Prevent rust, mold and mildew
  • Must provide a natural and well-balanced look
  • Must include all necessary paint, instructions and tool
  • Multi-surface

Perhaps the most interesting fact about countertop paint kits is that they come in many varieties and are highly versatile. Some kits, such as the Spreadstone Mineral Select Countertop Finishing Kit, for example, uses real stone material to provide a concrete-like appearance. The entire kit costs one hundred and twenty-five dollars and can be found at Home Depot or ordered online.

Similar to the Spreadstone Mineral Select Countertop Finishing Kit is the Countertop Transformation kit by Rust-Oleum which provides a natural stone look for Kitchen, Bathroom and Bar-top counters. The kit comes with DVD instructions and sell for one hundred and forty-eight dollars. The process of applying this kit can be completed in two days and comes in four different colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Dessert Sand
  • Onyx
  • Java Stone

A more low-cost countertop paint kit that serves as an alternative to the Countertop Transformation Kit sells for twenty dollars and serves a similar purpose while providing a more basic and simpler result. It is called the Rust-Oleum Countertop Tintbase Kit and can be found at Lowes, or Home Depot.

For those who wish to renew their countertops by simply adding a durable and transparent finish, other kits such as the Ultraclear Eproxy provides a clear, glossy look for your countertop and can be purchased on the company website.

This countertop paint kit sells for eighty dollars and is a personal preference due to the fact that it has excellent customer reviews and is both used and trusted by major companies like Starbucks, Hard Rock Cafe and Olive Garden.

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